Not document root exist does

document root does not exist

Warning DocumentRoot does not exist Apache HTTP Server. Whenever i run apache. it is saying warning: documentroot [htdocs] does not exist does anybody know the solution. i have tried with the full path, documentroot "c:, warning: documentroot * does not exist on centos 6. вђњwarning: documentroot [/var/www/vhosts] does not existвђќ although i've created /var/www/vhosts? 1..

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Warning DocumentRoot [/var/www/web4/web] does not exist

Warning DocumentRoot [/var/www/web4/web] does not exist. 19/12/2007в в· i'm using it for a development server mainly for testing so i'm not afraid changing document root in ispconfig does not that hard drive for my document root., 3/01/2013в в· hi, i have configured apache server on centos with multiple virtual hosts. when i restart the apache server it gives error # service httpd restart.

[SOLVED] Apache server restart issue Warning - CentOS. 28/02/2011в в· i have recently yum installed apache 2 for a development server. i have copied the config from our live server (which works) and set up an example site, i've installed apache and config my virtual host on my centos 6.4. but when i restart apache ( using this command : sudo service httpd restart ) it's warning me that.

document root does not exist

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selinux on RHEL6 httpd config. DocumentRoot [/path/does. Print processor does not exist. this subsequently causes issues with document conversion printer again using fmprinter_install.cmd from root of faxmaker, 19/06/2015в в· hi, i'm wondering everytime i restart my apache, i got these issues, any idea what's wrong with my apache? stopping httpd: starting httpd: ah01574: module php5.

document root does not exist

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Warning DocumentRoot does not exist Apache HTTP Server. 14/08/2014в в· you do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post., hi, i have some isuuses with importing the extended page. when i try to import it throws an error. root directory does not exist. i am using the following command.

Add phpDocumentor documentation to functions and The best IDE for PHP in my opinion read across files to know that $user is a User object for example. Best php documentation and example How best to write documentation targeting both HTML and PDF? Links to examples (both pdf and html) So I think using an WSIWYG HTML editor is best choice.

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