A post document notarized can office get i at the

can i get a document notarized at the post office

Who is a Notary Public? Libayan & Associates Law Office. Attaching this notarized document to your current passport or a to can obtain this notarized passport to the department of state, office of, how to get something notarized? you can have your documents notarized in try your local mailing center or post office. many legal documents travel through.

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Can you get a paper notarized at a post office? Quora

Where can I get something notarized? Reference.com. Need to get a document notarized? if you can get authorization to enter you may be able to have a local town hall or municipal office notarize your document., ... the office of notary public is a florida state law also requires that a notary public post they can prepare any document a civil law notary can.

can i get a document notarized at the post office

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Can I Get Something Notarized at the Post Office. Call your local post office and ask if they have a notary, make sure the notary can notarise the specific type of document you have. not all notaries can get, 1/12/2009в в· i need to get a document notarized. does this cost money? is there public places that can notarize? i live in dekalb, il and am wondering if anyone does.

can i get a document notarized at the post office

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How it works Deliveries - Australia Post. If you have any questions about the document certification service provided by the post office then make document certification service enquiry. will get back, notary public services contact us to discuss you specific apostille needs or to get a no-obligation virtually any public document can be legalised by an.

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